Collaborative Annotation

What is Genius?

“Genius” is a website and a platform and a project… with the mission to annotate the world.

Of course, annotating the world includes annotating poetry. Below, you’ll find the (annotated) mission statement of “Genius,” which includes three allusions to poetry.

Education Genius

Classrooms around the world are using “Genius” to annotate literary and historical texts—including poems, of course.

Note: the video below (designed by a high school student) was made before adopted the more inclusive name of


“Scholars” (the term for contributors to have annotated countless poems.


Two such poems are embedded below:  


Nothing Gold Can Stay (annotated by a high school student)  


The Hollow Men (annotated first by a high school class, and then further by the “Genius” community)

The Movement

Begin annotating.

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